One of the reasons your blooms are so fresh when they arrive to your door is that they are shipped in a specially designed box. You may be thinking: this is great, but what do I know about styling a bouquet once I take it out of the box? In a previous post, we presented a fall bouquet styled 3 ways. Here we are revealing three more creative ways to arrange another beautiful fall bouquet.

Check out this video and see for yourself how easy it is!


Style 1: Mixed bouquet in a colored vase

3 Ways to Style a Bouquet - Look 1: in a Tall Vase

It is important that you select a vase color that compliments your bouquet. Choose a color that is a similar hue to any of the blooms in your vase. We used a tall bronze vase to go along with our Cinnamon Cider Roses.

Separate your blooms by color and lay them onto your preparation table. As with any bouquet, trim the ends of the stems approximately one inch at a diagonal. Start arranging your bouquet by inserting some of the green ruscus filler first, so it falls to the outside. One-by-one place the yellow poms, red alstroemeria and then the orange roses into the vase at random, filling in any “holes” as you go. Finish off the look by inserting the green leather leaf around the outer portion of the bouquet. Take a step back and kind of fluff up your bouquet or move blooms around so it looks full and beautiful. Although you are placing the flowers into the vase one at a time, different colors and varieties should all be mixed together.


Style 2: Monochromatic blooms in a short vase

Monochromatic blooms in a short vase

Color blocking is a huge trend right now in interior design. For this style option, we incorporated that trend into our floral arrangement. We chose a shorty vase, so the blooms are the single focal point. This vase is wrapped in burlap to bring in a rustic vibe with our fall flowers.

Cut the stems in half (always at a diagonal) using pruning shears—you don’t have to be so precise here, just make sure the flowers will fit in the vase. Then simply place each of the yellow poms in a bundle together, the red alstroemeria all together in a bundle and then the orange roses all in a bundle together, and then pack the blooms tightly together. This style really makes each color stand alone as something special, but is still a cohesive look when they are all positioned side-by-side.


Style 3: Grouped by color in multiple vases


Gather three different vases that are all the same style but different sizes. For this demonstration, we used two smaller round vases and one medium-sized round vase all with a beautiful silver mercury finish. Trim the stems to fit the vases. Insert the yellow poms into one vase, the red alstroemeria into another vase and then the orange roses into their own vase as well. For a more striking appearance, we covered our vases with bell-shaped glass covers. This look is perfect to use as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dinner table as well.

When styling your bouquet, your options are limitless. Experiment with different vases, Thanksgiving flowers and looks to really make the most out of your beautiful blooms. Since you received this lovely gift as a token from someone who really cares, make them look as spectacular as possible, so you can really admire and appreciate their beauty.