Fashion is a moving target, with what is hot (or haute) constantly changing with the seasons.

The same is true for floral trends. Though the flowers themselves do not change, the popularity of different blooms and the ways in which they are used to decorate spaces does evolve.

So, with a new year upon us, we thought we would share some of the flower trends we are seeing for 2014. With help from ProFlowers floral designers Mallory Littleton and Kate Law, here is the scoop on the latest in floral fashions—and how you can use them to style your own home or special event.

Radiant Orchid

Radian Orchid

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For starters, the folks at Pantone have named Radiant Orchid, the color of purple orchid blossoms, as the 2014 color of the year. It was chosen based on overall design trends in fashion, art, entertainment and technology, as well as the color’s versatility and creative possibilities.

Most people would choose to use Radiant Orchid as an accent color, and the most obvious way to add a splash of the color to a home or office is to add the flower itself. Radiant Orchid can be used to add contrast and brighten up a room marked by subdued colors, such as grey, taupe, olive or hunter green. The purple flowers can add a soft complement to dark wood-grain walls or furniture, or pop against a white or yellow background (yellow being its complementary color).

Blue Blooms

Blue Blooms

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Radiant Orchid also goes well with another 2014 trend towards water colors—as in, the colors of water. Blue hydrangeas, delphiniums and irises pair with shades of lavender, purple orchids and blue-green succulents to form displays as cool and relaxing as a dip in the bay.

This look goes well with flowing blue vases or bubble glass, mimicking the look of water in motion. Consider adding some fire by floating blue or green candles in bowls filled with marbles, smooth stones or water, or adding seashells as accent pieces in your tablescape.

Single-Serving Bouquets

Single Serving Bouquets

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ProFlowers floral designers expect to see more people use bouquets that feature only a single variety of flower, such as a large grouping of purple tulips or pink peonies rather than a combination of colors and blooms in the same vase. This trend still allows for variety, but the variety comes from grouping different types of vases together with the same type of flower, or by grouping several different types of single-serving bouquets.

This trend can be seen at weddings, where it is becoming popular for each bridesmaid to carry a bouquet with a different kind of flower. Of course, you have to choose an appropriate color palette for your collection of bouquets, with flowers that match the dresses and decor. Or, you can go for an intentionally playful contrast, as with our next flower trend:

Bold Rainbow

Bold Rainbow

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The bright, cheerful look for this year is to mix vibrant colors such as hot pink, orange, lime green, yellow and scarlet into a bold rainbow of blooms. Along with a contrast of colors, try for a contrast of shapes and textures: star lilies alongside fluffy carnations and open-face daisies, for instance.

Such playful displays are a natural for birthdays or other happy celebrations, but can also be used to energize an everyday space. Use with sharp geometric shapes, such as chevron patterns, or place the vases inside neon-colored rectangular gift bags.

Country Garden

Country Garden

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If subtlety is more your style, you will find plenty of friends decorating with soft pastel flowers and natural elements such as wood and moss. This simple, earthy trend is focused on bringing the outdoors in. Full-bodied carnations, mums, roses and succulents placed in wood or metal containers fit well with this style, and are a great match for a rustic country or shabby chic interior.

Potted plants and even indoor trees are natural for this trend. You can convert existing pots or vases to this look by wrapping them in textured burlap or bark, and surround centerpiece items with pine cones or faux bird nests. For a country garden wedding, consider greys and greens, floral laces and flowering trees.

Whatever your preferred style, flowers can help you create the kind of look you want. Stay tuned to the ProFlowers blog this spring for more interior design and floral tips from our experts.