Let’s face it: Mom’s pretty cool. She may have embarrassed you as a teen, or tried to set you up with her good-looking (not your type) neighbor one too many times. But as you get older, you’re realizing Mom really does know a thing or two more than you, and is actually pretty legit. Here’s our list of 11 reasons Mom totally rocks.

1. She brags about you on social media. Regardless of whether you’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize or took out her trash, Mom is your biggest fan, and has no problem letting people know it.

Easter Eggs In Basket

2. She still sends you a valentine and Easter basket every year. You may cringe on the surface, but you know you’re secretly stoked to receive a gift, and one from someone who knows you only like dark chocolate.

3. She still insists on paying for dinner. No matter how much money you make, she’ll still pick up the tab. And don’t you dare fight her for it either. It’s her way of secretly keeping you her kid, and that’s pretty cool.

Laundry Basket On Grass

4. She does your laundry when she drops by. Without fail, Mom comes to visit and manages to do all the laundry in the house and organize your drawers before you’ve even started the tea.

5. She still asks you to write a Christmas list. Leave it to mom to keep the magic of Christmas alive, even well into adulthood. She still gets you every gift on your list, plus socks. And signs every gift, “from, Santa.”

Woman Preparing For Work Presentation

6. She texts, “good luck” before your work presentation. OK, sure, you’re an adult and all, but you know that was just the motivation you needed to go into that meeting and kill it.

7. She likes all your photos on Facebook, literally. Not sure if your last post was super lame? Doesn’t matter, Mom liked it. And if she comments on your post, she’ll be sure to sign off with, “love, Mom.”

Mac n' Cheese

8. She still makes your favorite dinner from when you were 10. Mac n’ cheese anyone? Sure your palette is slightly more sophisticated, but there’s something about Mom’s cooking that beats any five-star restaurant, even if she just whipped it up from the box.

9. She always thinks you look too thin. It’s like Moms have this intrinsic need to feed people, especially you. The second you step foot in her home, she reaches for the fridge to make you something. You’re always “too thin” to her, and you know you never tire of hearing that.

Rebellious Teen

10. She forgives your rebellious teenage years. Never thought she would get over you being expelled for your senior-prank-gone-wrong? Well, she has. She’ll gladly tease you about your stupidity too, and she’s really just happy you survived.

11. She’s kept all your homemade gifts. The puffy-painted 80s sweatshirt, the hand-painted coffee mug, the macaroni necklace—no matter how long she’s had them, she pulls them out and wears them with pride every Mother’s Day.   It’s funny when you finally can appreciate Mom for all her quirkiness, and most of all, for all her love. Be sure to thank her in a big way this Mother’s Day—and we’re talking Mother’s Day flowers, no more homemade gifts.