10 Ways of Looking at Plants and Flowers

There’s no doubt that flowers and plants can be beautiful to look at, but when used creatively, they make other things beautiful as well. A bouquet of flowers can add dimension to home décor, a personal style or a special event. Sometimes, all it takes is looking at them in a new way to see the potential in a crafty arrangement.

1. As a Pantone Color of the Year

Yes, a year can be represented by a color! 2014’s is a lovely, radiant shade of violet. Beyond just a mere purple, Pantone’s Radiant Orchid has hints of fuchsia, purple and pink. Whether you’re looking to decorate a room, enliven your personal style or create fun accessories, this color will surely be one that adds warmth and a touch of elegance to any item.

Radiant Orchid

2. As a Simple and Unique Arrangement

Flower arrangement is an art, a skill and a talent. For some, it comes naturally. For others, there are books and websites that can help you to develop a florist or decorator’s trained eye to make beautiful and creative arrangements. One of the more innovative arrangements of the year, bunch of Calla lilies, makes the vase invisible. Aside from being an eye-deceiving phenomenon, it will add colorful flair wherever you want it.

Calla Lilies

3. As a DIY Wedding Bouquet

If there’s one simple, incontrovertible fact about weddings, it’s that they have the potential to be very expensive. If there are things you can do for yourself, it certainly helps to keep the costs under control. You may not be able to sew your own wedding dress, or cook up a feast for a few hundred, but a little how-to instruction can show you technique for putting together a lovely set of bouquets for the bride, bridesmaids and anyone else who may be adding flair to that special day.

DIY Wedding Bouquet

4. As a Succulent Winter Wreath

If you’ve never considered decorating with succulents before, it’s time to give them a second look. Featuring hand-arranged succulents on a simple moss frame, these lovely low-maintenance plants deliver an abundance of color and texture to dress up a winter-weary front door or entryway. Hang them in your favorite spot and enjoy the ever-changing beauty as the succulents continue to grow and fill out the wreath.

Succulent Winter Wreath

5. As a Unique Color of Love

If you’re buying flowers for your sweetie for a special occasion, your go-to might be the traditional red rose. Traditionally, red has been deemed the color of true love and romance. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be red hearts and roses — perhaps you want your special someone to know that s/he is as unique to your heart as is your bouquet of flowers. Try something different: a flower arrangement that involve flowers like protea, ranunculus, freesia, parrot tulips and snapdragons, which come in many colors and varieties.

Flower Arrangement

6. As a Live Art Piece Inspired by Gauguin

Not everyone has an eye for flower arrangement, but you don’t have to gain inspiration only from your own creativity. Rather, inspiration can come from anywhere — even the work of a post-impressionist painter like Paul Gauguin (1848-1903). Gauguin had a wide range of subjects, but he was best-known for bold, pure colors. He’d paint everything from fuchsia hyacinth to leafy greens and sunset foliage. An arrangement based on his artistry would be a lovely addition to any decor.

Paul Gaugin

7. As a Flower Arrangement Lesson

If you’re a novice at flower arrangement, there are a few secrets that can help you to strike the right balance every time. A good flower arrangement is more than pretty colors; you need to choose the right variety of flowers, the perfectly shaped vase for the flowers you’ve selected and a size and shape that works for your flowers and greens.

Flower Arranging

8. As a Floral Headdress

There is little more romantic or enchanting than a floral headdress or flower crown. If you’d like to add flair to your bridal ensemble, or just for fun, here’s a how-to for a gorgeous flower crown. Described as “bohemian chic”, it’s a lovely way to add some color and whimsy to your style.

Floral Headdress

9. As a Decorative Design Element

If you need a unique, homemade gift for someone, or if you’re just looking for a fun project, a pressed flower keepsake tray is the ideal solution. If you live somewhere that is ripe with varieties of petals or pretty greens, collect them. A mix of greens and colors will be lovely when pressed onto a simple white tray. It will be the perfect accessory for serving snacks, holding trifles, or even just as a decorative addition to your home.

Pressed Flower Keepsake Tray

10. As Food Garnishments and Unique Ingredients

Herbs and flowers you can eat add such a delightful kick to salads, as garnish or even on their own. There is one way to preserve the gorgeous colors while creating a delicacy worthy of a king that’s sure to impress even the most discerning guests: Elderflower popsicles. Although you could simply freeze the petals in water, which would look stunning, an extra delicious kick comes from using not just water, but elderflower cordial as the base for your pops. Simply pour your water and cordial mixture gently over the petals and freeze in moulds for a delectable treat.

Elderflower Popsicles