There’s nothing quite like a birthday surprise to remind you how much people care. These videos showcase different ways that families and friends plotted to surprise their loved ones. From sweet and silly to emotional and heartwarming, these videos have something in common: they all fulfill a personal birthday wish by giving the recipient something they didn’t expect.

Happy Birthday Bus Driver

Mukhtar is a Copenhagen bus driver with a fun-loving boss. The European bus company Arriva is known for going all-out on employee birthdays, but this flash mob event still surprised the delighted driver.

Dad in a Box

It’s giggles all around when this little girl opens a giant box on the porch. Her daddy returns from Afghanistan via special delivery, just in time for her third birthday.

ChooChoo’s Birthday Surprise to AJ

Children from the ’50s through the ’90s watched Romper Room, hoping to hear their name called from through the Magic Mirror. Nowadays, kids have YouTube. Watch AJ’s reaction when his favorite YouTube gamer ChooChoosGaming calls out a special birthday greeting.

Military Mom Gets Birthday Surprise from Navy Son

This Navy boy gets leave to come home and surprise his mom for her birthday. It’s a heart-warming moment she’ll cherish all year.

Sesame Street Birthday Cake Reaction

“Oh mommy!” Molly is super impressed with her mom’s baking skills. How did mommy know that it’s just what she wanted?

Surprise, Daddy!

What’s better than a birthday gift in a box? A bun in the oven! This gift couldn’t have been timed any better.

11th Birthday Surprise

If you’ve ever seen a tween girl getting her first phone, this video makes total sense. Like young girls everywhere, her excitement knows no bounds. Or, as her dad puts it, “youthful exuberance in living color.”

Surprise 80th Birthday Flash Mob

Proving that you’re never too old to boogie, Dan’s wife organized a flash mob of friends for his 80th birthday. Dan, who normally watches these spectacles on YouTube, was surprised to be the star in his own birthday show.

7-Year-Old Lamborghini Fan Gets a Surprise

Jacob is stunned when a parade of Lamborghinis arrives at his seventh birthday party. Shocked and speechless, he can only nod when offered a ride in the car of his dreams. His smile says more than words!

Flash Mob: Happy Birthday Poulenc

Who says you need to be alive to have a birthday surprise? Last year, 100 alumni from Conservatory Francis Poulenc in Tours celebrated the birthday of French Composer Francis Poulenc with an impromptu concert in Place Plumereau.

Thoughtful Celebrations

Watching these thoughtful birthday surprise videos inspires us to tell someone how much we care. Want to see what else inspires us? Follow us on Pinterest for ideas about celebrating all the moments that make life special.

And if you’re planning to surprise someone you love, make it extra memorable with a birthday bouquet to mark the occasion.

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