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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Have you ever had the urge to send someone a sweet, luxurious, irresistible treat that they’re sure to enjoy? ProFlowers makes it easy. We offer some of the most delectable chocolate covered strawberries around, delivered straight to your recipient’s door. They’re fresh, they’re sweet, and they can’t be beat. Show someone how much you care by sending them chocolate covered strawberries today!

Can you mail chocolate covered strawberries?

You sure can! With ProFlowers, sending a special occasion food delivery like chocolate covered strawberries is simple. Just follow these easy steps:
  • Pick the tastiest looking batch on the page
  • Be sure you enter your email to save on your first order!
  • Select the date of delivery and the address 
  • Choose your shipping options
  • Send your delicious chocolate covered strawberries!
And don’t worry — ProFlowers is passionate about freshness, so our chocolate covered fruits arrive ready to be eaten.  

What are the best flowers to send with chocolate covered strawberries?

Roses are the perfect flowers to accompany a chocolate covered strawberry delivery. Roses and chocolate are a timeless pair, and a romantic and thoughtful way to show that special someone you’re thinking about them. However, these tasty morsels don’t have to only be a romantic gesture! You could send a thoughtful delivery to someone you care about by pairing with almost any flower we offer!
  • Pair the strawberries with sunflowers for a gorgeous and delicious summertime treat
  • Choose your favorite daisies for a playful and whimsical flower delivery
  • Send along some colorful tulips to celebrate the joys of springtime
  • Double down and pair with chocolate dipped pretzel gifts for a non-stop chocolate treat!
Whatever flower you choose to pair your chocolate strawberries with, they’re sure to please.  

Where to buy the best strawberries for delivery?

We can’t help but suggest ProFlowers — with our signature selection of irresistible chocolate covered berries and pretzels, along with gorgeous love flowers to pair them with, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, our top-tier delivery logistics ensure that the strawberries arrive fresh and on-time, so whoever you send them to is able to enjoy them at the height of flavorfulness.    ProFlowers chocolate covered strawberries come in a variety of colors and flavors, so there’s sure to be something for everyone on our catalog! Choose from:
  • Belgian milk chocolate covered strawberries
  • Strawberries coated in rich dark chocolate
  • Holiday-themed strawberries in festive colors
  • Congrats! Strawberries for a celebration
No matter the recipient or occasion, our strawberries make a memorable and delectable gift.