Our Commitment to
Ethical Labor Standards

At ProFlowers, we believe that bringing you the best bouquets begins with the happiness of the people we work with. Since the start of our company in 1998, we have remained dedicated to partnering only with flower farms that provide safe and ethical working environments. From tulips in the Netherlands to roses in South America, every flower comes from a farm where they foster fair labor standards and the proper stewardship of the environment.

We work closely with large international growers that have all been in operation for at least 15 years (and in most cases, over 25 years). These growers typically employ between 1,500 to 6,000 employees. These growers believe that if you’re producing a product such as flowers, which require extensive labor and attention to detail, you have to be very good to your people. All of the farms we utilize pay their production workers wages that are above the minimum wage in their respective countries. Similar to what you’d expect in the United States, working hours are typically from 8 to 9 hours a day. Although not legally required, all of the farms we utilize outside of the U.S., Canada and Europe provide their workers transportation to and from work at no cost. Nearly all of these farms also offer their workers healthy food for breakfast and lunch, also at no cost. In South America (our largest flower production region), the substantial majority of our growers also provide subsidized “tiendas,” (community-run stores), so workers can buy basic food staples (such as eggs, rice, etc.) at cost; on-site infirmaries; and affordable day care centers and schooling for workers’ children (from infancy up to age 14).

To ensure that each farm we do business with upholds our high standards, we regularly audit the farms using our own team and independent organizations. This effort goes beyond just producing great flowers – we check the overall working environment and ensure the farms are adhering to local laws. This results in what we consider to be fair trade flowers. In addition, because we are so passionate about the fair and ethical treatment of farm workers, ProFlowers also donates to Fundacion Fernando Borrero, a non-profit organization founded by flower growers.

Click here to read the ProFlowers Code of Conduct for Our Global Network of Fresh Cut Flower and Plant Producers.

Each of Our Farms Outside of the U.S., Canada and Europe Carry Certifications from at Least One or More of These Organizations:

Scientific Certification SystemsRainforest AllianceGlobal G.A.P.

Expo FloresVerifloraFair FlowersWorld BASC Organization, Inc.

Asoco FloresEthical Trading InitiativeFair Trade Foundation