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San Jose has much to offer those looking to celebrate in style this Valentines Day. If you’re seeking San Jose Valentines Day ideas then you’ve come to the right place. Your definitely not short on potential activities because the city has a wealth of possibilities with all of its lively attractions. Remember, San Jose is a destination city on its own any day of the year; thus, finding something to do on February 14th should not pose too big a challenge whether you’re with the gals, taking the kids or making reservations for you and your significant other. From dinners to spas to hotel packages, here are some sweet Valentines Day dates and romantic ideas that will make your honey swoon! Which ever you choose, be sure to remember the San Jose Valentines Day ideas this year! Send them their favorite, whether it’s peach roses, purple orchids, pink carnations or something else.

1. How We First Met

Why not spend the evening recalling the story of how your dynamic duo came to pass? How We First Met is an international romantic comedy where couples in the audience are invited to share their stories amidst improvised sketches and songs.

2. Fairmont San Jose Valentines Packages

Take each other in for a Valentines weekend escape. There are restaurant packages, music and more here for the entire weekend. Various packages are available from massage and dinner duos to room and breakfast romps.

3. Couples Massage

Roman Paradigm Massage & Therapy in San Jose offers one of the best and most romantic Couples Massage packages around town any day, especially on Valentines. Particularly acute in deep tissue massage for two, they’ll set you up with two beds, some fruit and water or cold tea (or champagne), and more for a romantic afternoon or evening. Plan to spend near $200 for this romantic package.


4. Jazz Up Your Valentine at the Temple

This lively jazz show is a great way to get movin’ with your Valentine this year. For details, call The Temple Bar & Lounge in San Jose at 408.288.8518.

5. Dinner for Two

There is a host of famously romantic San Jose restaurants to help you build your Valentines case this year. Try Alexander’s Steakhouse, Citrus, La Fondue, Left Bank and Emile’s.